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Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a bitmap graphics editor developed by Adobe Corporation. For Windows and Mac OS. It was originally developed in 1988 by Thomas Knoll and John Knoll. Since then, the program has become the industry paradigm not only in graphics editing. The commercial application appears to be a trademark, which makes it use in the application. It can photoshop editing images and bitmaps in multiple layers, gorgeous, gorgeous, and polymorphic colors including RGB, CMYK, color space, code and duo. Photoshop uses PSD and PSB file formats to support these programs. In addition to raster graphics, Photoshop with upload capabilities shows its own image collection, independently developed and distributed software, and introduces new and improved software.

Photoshop’s naming system was initially based on version numbers.

Besides Photoshop, Adobe also makes Photoshop Elements Gallery, Photoshop Lightroom, Photoshop Express, and Photoshop Sketch. As of November 2019, Adobe is also releasing a full version of Photoshop for the iPad, and although initially limited, Adobe plans to bring more features to Photoshop for the iPad. Collectively, they are categorized as the “Adobe Photoshop Family”.

Early history

Photoshop was developed in 1987. Thomas Knoll, Ph.D. He began writing a program on his Mac Plus, to display grayscale images on a monochrome screen. This program (named at the time Display) caught the attention of his brother John, an employee of Industrial Light and Magic, who recommended that Thomas turn it into full-fledged photo editing. Thomas break a six-month break out of the month. The name of the program was ImagePro, but the name was already taken. Barneyscan scanner driver for distributing copies of the software using a scanner for purchase. A total of about 200 copies of Photoshop were shipped this way.

During this time, John traveled to Silicon Valley and gave a demonstration of the program to Apple engineers Brown, the technical director at Adobe at this time.Improved handling of the changed picture in the adjustment of the eco The list price of Photoshop 1.0 for the Macintosh in 1990 was $895.

file format Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop files allows you to implement the default extension PSD, which is the abbreviation for “Photoshop document”, this extension stores the image with most of the imaging options available in the program,also including ,also including, clips, blades, channels bubble tag, rolls, marks, printing marks, spots, spots, printing marks, spots. , Gallery is the highest gallery of 30,000 pixels on a maximum of 2 gigabytes.

One of the uses of Adobe Photoshop

  • to create different designs and banners, through some images, texts, and some types of each other in one design.
  • Editing of photographs, by changing
  • Manipulation of images and designs by shooting from Iraq or other parts of the original file.
  • Preparation and processing of images for an idea as patterns for objects, dimension in software, 3D dimension or images in video production work.
  • It is also possible to design websites through it directly in recent versions.
  • Types of messages from abroad.
  • Create GIFs Simple edits to videos in recent versions.
  • The latest version of Photoshop
  • The latest version of Photoshop is 2019 Photoshop cc in which some genie appeared that did not exist before, the most important of which are:
  • Vibration adjustment in the image.
  • Add Camera Raw as a filter.
  • Change logo and playback speed.
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  • develop the vanishing point or the vanishing point and improve its performance.
  • Develop an animation property and triptych or animation.
  • Adobe Photoshop Features

Photoshop is closely related to other programs for processing files for animation and other creativity. Together with programs such as Adobe Image Ready (deprecated in CS3), Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Encore DVD, it can be used for DVD storage, editing and special creation tools. As wallpapers and materials etc. for television, cinema and the Internet. Photoshop is also well established in computer game development circles.

Besides Adobe Encore DVD, Photoshop allows you to limit or shorten DVD. Photoshop CS3 in Extended Edition also supports working with triple layers. PSD Format Format PSD Format Format Diagram Format PSD Format Diagram Format Diagram Format PSD Format Format Schematic Format Format Format Format Format Format Format Format Format Format Format Format , format, format, format, format, format, graphic format, such as Adobe Fireworks, PhotoPaint, WinImages [ar], GIMP, SAI, Paint Shop Pro, and others. Photoshop supports the following color models or ways to describe image colors (explanation of the same software – Image mode):





Black and white

Duotone [ru]

256 colors (indexed)


Adobe Photoshop Supports image processing with 8-bit color depth (256 gradations per channel) , 16-bit (using 15-bit plus 1 level, 32,769 levels) and 32-bit (using single-precision floating-point numbers) It is possible to save additional elements in the file, such as: guides (guide) Channels (eg, scene channel, channel Scene belonging to the start channel), clipping lines (clip path), phases containing vector and text objects. It can carry color profiles (ICC) and mon transport.


though, the trade-to-competition software products in the marketplace to trade. Some, for example GIMP, are hard to get.

Corel from Corel.

Shop Prozo has built this market segment and facing the unusually high rates of unusual use of its professional products, Adobe has offered top-tier and lower-level programs: Photoshop Elements [AR] and Photoshop Album, the first of which is a paid trim – the lower version

distributed for free with images. . Adobe Photoshop for Lightroom works exclusively on “development” of “digital negatives”, simple retouching of images and organization of their catalog

Program functions Adobe Photoshop

Creating films, multimedia videos and graphic design, for work in the fields of production, medicine, architecture and my research. In recent versions of

Adobe Photoshop Extend (from CS4), you can open 3D files and work with programs such as Adobe Acrobat 3D, Autodesk 3DS Max, Maya, and Google Earth. Photoshop supports the following 3D file formats: U3D, 3DS, OBJ, KML, and DAE. It is possible to use 3D for embedding in a 2D image. Outlines from texture

maps, outlines You can also create labels on a 3D object, rotate, change its size and position in space. To simulate motion in Photoshop, also you can create layered animation frames in the image. You can create images based on one of the aspect ratios above the corner of a pixel.ou can open or import video files and image sequences also for editing and retouching, create video animation sequences, and export works to a QuickTime file, GIF animation, or a series of images. also From the CS version, the program for working with programs in Photoshop is available.

Photoshop supports DICOM (Digital Imaging in Medicine) files, a format for photos and medical documents of examined patients. For a DICOM file opened in Photoshop, you can use any Photoshop tool to correct and retouch images. Finally, with Photoshop Extend, you can view and manipulate MATLAB images in Photoshop and combine MATLAB commands with Photoshop image manipulation techniques. Create a backup of Matlab and close the command line. Files prepared in MATLAB have the extension m, format, rpt, mat, mdl. Photoshop and Matlab use the Photoshop JavaScript interface and the MATLAB library interface.

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