Developed companies

  • Dell

    Dell Dell is an American computer and technology company headquartered in Round Rock, Texas, that develops, manufactures, sells, and supports…

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  • HP

    HP , HP Inc. was an American multinational information technology company headquartered in Palo Alto, California, that developed and provided…

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  • Company Adobe

    Company Adobe Adobe Corporation, formerly known as Adobe Systems Corporation, is a graphics and animation software company founded by Charles…

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  • Vodafone

    Vodafone is a British multinational mobile network services company headquartered in Newbury Berkshire, United Kingdom. Based on revenue and a…

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  • Orange company

    Orange company Orange company (French articulation: [ɔʁɑ̃ʒ ɛs‿a] ) is a previous France Telecom SA organization that gives versatile and…

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  • Company TP Link

    Company TP Link Technologies Co., Ltd. (worked on Chinese: 普 ; customary Chinese: 普 技術; pinyin: pǔ lián jìshù) is…

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