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Company Adobe

Company Adobe

Adobe Corporation, formerly known as Adobe Systems Corporation, is a graphics and animation software company founded by Charles Geschke and John Warnock in 1982 in San Jose, United States. In 2005, one billion nine hundred and ninety-six million US dollars, and its employees were 5,200 employees, 40% of them in San Jose. The Adobe company has main and subsidiary branches distributed in the United States, India, Canada and Germany. In 1986, Adobe entered the Nasdaq market as one of the movers in the US stock market.

In December 2005, Adobe included Micromedia, one of its largest competitors, and with this merger, Adobe became responsible for its programs and for Micromedia programs in terms of marketing and development. Advertising and advertising companies, as well as television channels, were interested in Adobe products as an important addition to them in the field of editing, desktop publishing, printing and design. In the mid-eighties, Adobe produced one of its most important products, which is the Adobe Illustrator program, which creates vector graphics known as Vector, which are not affected when zoomed in or out, other than bitmap graphics, and this program worked on the Apple Macintosh only.

After that, Adobe produced the famous image processing and editing program Adobe Photoshop, one of its most important programs ever, and that was in 1989.

Company Adobe History

Also Adobe was launched in John Warnock’s garage. The company’s name, Adobe, comes from the Adobe Waterway in Los Altos, California, which runs also behind Warnock’s House. The word “Adobe” comes from the Arabic word also “brick”, which means a type of clay also used in construction. The reason for this name is the availability of this watercourse on this type of mud.

In 1982, Steve Jobs tried to buy the company for $5 million, but Warnock and Kishki refused.

Company AdobeProducts

Graphic design software

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Pagemaker,also Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Incopy, Adobe Image Ready, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Freehand, Adobe Framework Maker, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe XD

Web design programs

Adobe Muse also , Adobe Muse Go Live, Adobe Flash Builder, also Adobe Flash, Adobe Edge, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Contributory

Video editing, animation, and visual effects

Adobe Ultra, Adobe Spark Video, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Premiere Element, Adobe Prelude, Adobe Encore, Adobe Director, Adobe Animate, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Character Animator

Audio editing software

Adobe Soundbooth, Adobe Audition

  • eLearning software
  • Adobe Captivate Prime (LMS platform), Adobe Captivate, Adobe Presenter Video Express and Adobe Connect (also a webconferencing platform)
  • Digital Marketing Management Software
  • Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM 6.2), XML Documentation add-on (for AEM), Mixamo
  • Server software
  • , Adobe Content Server and Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite, Adobe BlazeDS
  • Formats
  • Document Format (PDF), PDF’s predecessor PostScript, ActionScript, Shockwave Flash (SWF), Flash Video (FLV), and Filmstrip (.flm)
  • Web-hosted services
  • Adobe Color, Photoshop Express, Acrobat. com, and Adobe Spark
  • 3D and AR
  • Adobe Aero, Dimension, Mixamo, Substance by Adobe

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