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Link Shortening

Link Shortening

Link Shortening Service The link shortening service, or the short link service, is a qualitatively modern service in the Internet world. It simply relies on reducing or shortening the length of links in order to be easier to move, remember, insert or hide the original link in several articles.

It first appeared in 2002 with TinyURL, and then more than 100 similar sites have appeared offering the same service, most of them were easy to remember.

In fact, the site that proposes the service creates a new link, and as soon as a visitor enters this link, the site redirects him to the link he wants.

reason for the emergence of the service Link Shortening

The main reason behind the emergence of the service is that there are many Internet sites that have reasons to secure their sites. They use techniques that make their links very long, for example, PayPal, which secures the transfer of funds between accounts, and in order to increase the protection of its pages and shade hackers, it It extends its links and adds several information called mines to prevent or attempt to curb any effort aimed at penetrating it. Or pictures on Facebook, for example, their links are lengthened so that it is difficult for the user to remember the link. By analogy, very famous sites use such add-ons to protect themselves, and there are other reasons such as protecting the links of distributors for a service from a known site, which pays the link owner an amount for referrals.

Sites offering this service Link Shortening

Link Shortening The most famous and first site to offer this service was TinyURL, which is now underused due to its lack of development and the presence of competitors who provide links that are shorter than they suggest.

Bit.ly is one of the sites that provide the service, and the reason behind this is that sites such as Twitter rely on it mainly.

Link Shortening YouTu.be is for YouTube and does not allow people to shrink their links.

FB.me is for Facebook and also does not allow people to shorten their links.

t.co is for Twitter and works automatically.

asr.im is a shortening for a link and serves Arabic speakers.

ad.fly is a good site with some features.

shortbi.com is an Arabic service that provides powerful tools to shorten links.

The negatives of

this service are many negatives, as it sometimes violates the privacy of sites because it suggests mini links to their links and therefore

easy to remember by the user, also these links directly redirect to other sites that may contain viruses or Sites with pornographic content or pop-ups aimed at advertising and making money.

Short links do not allow visitors to know the intended site,

and therefore clicking on these links sometimes becomes a fatal mistake.

Although some sites (such as bit.ly) allow knowing

Link Shortening the number of visitors who have clicked on a link, this makes it easier for anyone

to track visitors’ traffic and the number of their visits, while this information is generally very confidential and no one should have access to it except for the site owners .

And there is a danger to the life of short links. It is sufficient for the site that provides the service to stop, or for the owner of the

original link to change or delete the link, until the short link becomes useless and therefore relying on it alone is a kind of risk.

As a result of this: Link Shortening

TinyURL blocked in Saudi Arabia.

2006: MySpace prevents any publication of TinyURL links from

Yahoo! Prevent short links.

2009: Twitter replaces its TinyURL services with Bit.ly.

Wikipedia does not accept any short links on its pages.

Many sites are rejecting short links.

Advantages of the service

Except that the service is free and allows shortening of links, the advantages of the service are not many. However, one of the advantages of this service is that some sites spontaneously provide short links to some of its contents, for example, Youtu.be, which is a service from YouTube that reduces links to videos on YouTube only, and this type of shortening links is very safe, as it is free of viruses Of course, if administrators change a link to a particular video, it will automatically change in the shortened link.

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