Kinds of Windows

Windows 8.1 

Windows 8.1 

Windows 8.1  Above all, you should know that Microsoft has improved its new

operating system significantly, especially in the aspect of customization, and from now on, users of Microsoft tablets – Surface Pro and RT – can lock the screen to display different photo slides.

She said it now seemed possible to select

multiple apps at once, and then

resize, uninstall or rearrange them, and added that she found that people were accidentally

moving live tiles on their Start screen, so in Windows 8.1, You can click on the live square by drag and drop to move objects on the screen.

In case you are a user who installs tons of apps, the splash screen allows

you to select apps by name by categorizing and filtering apps by name, installation date, most used or by category.

The built-in search feature will be provided wit

h the Bing search engine,

which allows you to search in everything, including folders, applications, files, OneDrive and the Internet, and will support many quick commands such as playing audio and video files.

The Windows Store has received a radical redesign, so it will display

detailed lists for each category such as the best free apps, new updates, and also the best collection of apps in each category to recommended apps for the user.

Microsoft noted that the list of applications has become more descriptive and informative, with a new method to help users find and explore applications before installation.

Microsoft has also brought a nice improvement to the built-in Metro

interface apps, including the email app, OneDrive, Camera, and more, all of which will come with new features, as well as support for a brand new 50-50 display style. from Microsoft.

Windows 8.1 also allows users to save files through the use

r account on OneDrive, so the built-in application of OneDrive will get significant improvements, which allows users to access files they have stored on the device or on the cloud in an easy and fast way.

Microsoft said that it will officially launch Internet Explorer 11 with

Windows 8.1, and it will provide a rich package of new features and features, starting with the way of

performance and passing through the ability to sync tabs between different devices, and even support for touch.

Last but not least, Windows 8.1 will come with a Start button as

everyone expected, and it will always be visible on the taskbar when you use your desktop.

Microsoft, as we can see, is trying to please us in

every way, the next

update is very cool, and the users’ impression of Windows 8 is very bad,

so I think this problem also needs an update!

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